Crafty Pom Pom Maker®


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Why Crafty Pom Pom Maker®?

  • Making your own pom-poms has never been easier!

  • The measuring scale on the arch makes it easy to create multi-colored pom-poms.
  • Triangle markings help secure arches from shifting during use.

How to use

  • Firmly wind yarn from one end to the other
  • Cut the yarn with a pair of scissors, beginning at the gap between arches
  • Firmly tie a strong thread around the yarn bundle and secure it with a double knot

  • Gently open one arch at a time
  • Separate arches and remove the pom-pom
  • With a pair of scissors, trim loose ends to shape

Product Specifications:

  • Color: Green/Blue/Red/Yellow
  • Size:
    1 3/8″ (35mm)
    1 5/8″ (45mm)
    2 1/2″ (65mm)
    3 3/8″ (85mm)
  • Package Includes: Set of 4 x Pom Pom Set Maker®