Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 100+ Miles Range


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Why Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna?

Get Great Entertainment with Our Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna – 100+ Miles Range

Cut the cord and forget about expensive TV bills! Our 2023 TV antenna lets you enjoy FULL HD channels for free. Dive into a world of entertainment without monthly fees.

Clear HD Quality and Sound

Upgrade your TV with our smart TV antenna. It comes with a powerful 2023 Amplifier Signal Booster, a built-in Smart IC Chip, and Crystal Clear Filter Technology. This tech captures signals within a 200-mile range, ensuring a clear picture and great sound by filtering out cellular and FM noise. Get ready for amazing viewing with more free broadcast TV signals.

Flexible Placement Up to 100 Miles

You can place the antenna up to 100 miles away from the broadcast source. Find the best spot in your home by hanging it on a window or wall. Our antenna keeps scanning for new channels as they’re broadcast, so you’re always up to date.

Easy Setup with Long Coaxial Cable and USB Power Adapter

Setup is easy with an 18-foot long coaxial cable, letting you place the antenna in the best reception spot. The included Smart IC USB Power Adapter has built-in overvoltage protection, providing a safe and reliable power supply for your antenna.

Helpful Tips

For the best results, rescan for channels each time you move the antenna. For homes within 35 miles of a broadcast tower, switch the amplifier to “short range” to avoid overload. Also, check out “dtv gov maps” online for useful setup information.

Say goodbye to cable bills and hello to continuous entertainment with our Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna. Enjoy stunning HD visuals and sound without the hefty price tag!

Product Specifications

Package includes: 1 x Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 100+ Miles Range