Easy n Quick French Knitter


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Why Easy n Quick French Knitter?

Get ready to have some fun with the Easy n Quick French Knitter! This wooden knitting doll isn’t just any tool; it’s your ticket to making awesome, narrow tubes of knitted yarn easily.

Known by Many Names

Call it a Knitting Bee, a French Knitter, a Spool Knitter, a Tomboy Knitter, or just a Knitting Doll – it’s all about having fun and being creative. It’s a handy little buddy that helps crafters of every age get into knitting.

Great for Starting Out

Teaching kids or beginners the basics of knitting? This knitter makes it easy and fun. Everyone can quickly get the hang of making their own yarn creations while enjoying every moment.

Colorful and Safe

Made from wood and coated with a shiny, smooth finish, this spool stands out in bright colors thanks to safe, vegetable-based dyes. It’s safe, eco-friendly, and sure to catch the eye, built for lots of crafting fun.

This isn’t just for knitting; it’s a companion for anyone looking to get creative with yarn. Ready to get started on your French knitting journey?

Product Specifications

  • Material: Wooden
  • Package Includes: Set of 2 x Easy n Quick French Knitter