Hidden Camera & Bug Detector


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Why Hidden Camera & Bug Detector?

Protect Your Privacy with Our Hidden Camera & Bug Detector!

Today’s world is full of privacy threats like spy cameras and GPS trackers. Our Camera & Bug Detector uses advanced technology to keep you safe.

Quick and Effective Detection

This handheld device easily detects various spying tools. It spots wireless cameras, nanny cams, GPS trackers, and more. Control your privacy easily.

Advanced LED Laser Technology

Our detector uses LED lasers to find hidden cameras quickly. It works on all cameras, whether they are turned on or off.

More Than Cameras

It also picks up CDMA signals that other detectors might miss. We ensure complete privacy protection.


Radiation Detection

Our device can identify harmful electromagnetic radiation. This helps keep your environment safe.

Multiple Alert Options

You can choose from 10 alert levels, using either buzzer or vibration to suit your preference.

Extensive Coverage

It covers up to 160 sq. ft. (15 sq. meters), offering comprehensive protection.

Stay secure with our Camera & Bug Detector. It’s a reliable way to guard against privacy invasions.



Product Specifications

Package includes: 1 Set x Camera and Bug Detector