Hydrographics Water Transfer Painting Set®


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Why Hydrographics Water Transfer Painting Set®?

Draw on the water with just a few paint drops

  • Get your kids amazed with this amazing art through water painting.
  • Create swirled modern marbled effects with just a few drops of multi-colored paints that float on water.

Perfect swirling pattern

  • Easily create beautiful swirling patterns with just a few strokes of stick.
  • Simply add a few drops of paint to the water and swirl a stick around the paint drops to create different prints and patterns.

No mess and easy to use multi-colored paint

  • Create endless color mixing possibilities by combining the colors to match your style.
  • These are great for kids because they are easy to wash off and they can be able to create beautiful designs effortlessly without making too much mess.

Work on any water-absorbing materials

  • It’s perfect to use on paper, fabric, glass, wood, and any other water-absorbing materials.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Acrylic Emulsion & Toner
  • Package Includes:
    6 x Paint Bottles 6ml
    1 x Drawing Liquid 10ml
    10 x Sketch Papers
    2 x Painting Needles
    1 x Painting Basin
    1 x User Manual