Ruler Handle Suction Cup


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Why Ruler Handle Suction Cup?

This Ruler Handle Suction Cup turns your regular quilt rulers into easy-to-handle tools with a comfortable grip. Just stick its strong suction cup onto any ruler and move it wherever needed for your projects. This adaptability makes it a perfect match for all your rulers.

Here’s how it helps:

  • Pick up and shift your ruler easily while measuring, marking, and cutting.
  • Boost the precision of your cuts, helping to improve your crafting results.
  • Keep your fingers safe from accidental cuts by keeping them away from the rotary cutter blade.

The grip works great on rulers or templates with smooth surfaces, letting you keep a tight hold on your tool while keeping your fingers safe. It lets you easily reposition for accurate measurements and cuts without slipping.

For more stability, try adding Non-Slip Adhesive Rings to the bottom of your ruler. These rings give your ruler extra grip on the fabric, making your measurements as accurate and steady as they can be. Enjoy a safer, more precise, and comfortable quilting or crafting experience with this handy addition to your sewing kit

Product Specifications

  • Color: Orange, Green, Red
  • Materials: Plastic Handle, Rubber Suction Cup
  • Dimensions: Diameter of the rubber bottom: 2 ¼ inch | Height of the handle: 2 ½ inch
  • Package Includes: 1 Set x Ergonomic Ruler Handle Suction Cup