Straight Push Sewing Pins Kit


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Why Straight Push Sewing Pins Kit?

Improve Your Sewing Projects with the Straight Push Sewing Pins Kit!

Boost your sewing kit with our Sewing Pins Kit, perfect for all your sewing and crafting tasks. These sturdy pins come with glass ball heads and are built to last through many uses without bending or dulling.

Colorful and Convenient Design

Choose from a variety of bright colors that not only meet your needs but also make your sewing more fun. The colorful glass heads make these pins easy to see and add a touch of flair to your work.

Ideal Size for Many Uses

Each pin measures 1.5 inches in length with a glass head diameter of 0.14 inches, making them easy to handle and visible. These dimensions make the pins great for a wide range of tasks beyond sewing, including crafts, dressmaking, and even setting up decorations for events like weddings and parties.

Wide Usage

You can use our straight pins for handling fabric, daily sewing, crafting, or assembling parts of your dressmaking projects. They also work well for pinning decorations at special events, making them essential for your sewing stash.

Add the Straight Push Sewing Pins Kit to your sewing routine for a reliable and colorful set of tools that simplify your work with fabrics.


Product Specifications:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Package Includes: Set of 30 Polyester Sewing Threads