Double Roller Presser Foot


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Why Double Roller Presser Foot?

Upgrade your sewing machine with the Double Roller Presser Foot, designed for high shank sewing machines. Made from high-quality materials, this presser foot is wear-resistant and durable, ensuring it can handle various fabrics and projects with ease.

Key Features

High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable materials, this presser foot is built to last. It withstands wear and tear, providing reliable performance for all your sewing needs.

Easy Installation: The reasonable size and lightweight design make it easy to store, carry, and install on your sewing machine. Just attach it to your high shank sewing machine and start sewing.

Smooth Sewing on Tough Fabrics: Ideal for sewing leather, this presser foot prevents stitch length variations and reduces friction with the material. This ensures consistent stitch lengths and smooth sewing, even on challenging fabrics.

Versatile Use: Perfect for all wrinkle-prone fabrics such as down jackets, leather coats, raincoats, bags, and plastic products. It acts as a lubricant and anti-wrinkle agent, making your sewing projects easier and more efficient.

Consistent Results: The double roller design ensures even pressure distribution, helping to prevent inconsistencies in material length and stitch quality.

Upgrade your sewing toolkit with the Roller Presser Foot and tackle your toughest projects with confidence. Order yours today and experience smoother, more efficient sewing on all your favorite fabrics!

Product Specifications

  • Material: High-Quality, Wear-Resistant Materials
  • Compatibility: High Shank Sewing Machines
  • Uses: Ideal for sewing leather, wrinkle-prone fabrics, down jackets, leather coats, raincoats, bags, and plastic products
  • Package Includes: 1 Set x Double Roller Presser Foot