Shirring Gathering Presser Foot


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Why Shirring Gathering Presser Foot?

Make your sewing projects easier with the Shirring Gathering Presser Foot, designed for industrial high shank sewing machines. This handy tool lets you gather fabric and attach it to a flat piece of fabric in one simple step, speeding up your sewing tasks.

Key Features

Two-in-One Function: The Gathering Foot is great for lightly gathering fabric while attaching it to an ungathered piece. Perfect for making ruffles, decorative edges, and more.

Easy to Use: Create gentle gathers or ease fabric effortlessly, suitable for making clothes and home decorations.

High Shank Fit: This presser foot is made for industrial high shank sewing machines. Make sure your machine is a high shank type before use.

Built to Last: Made to handle the demands of industrial sewing, this foot offers reliable performance and long-lasting durability.


Fits Industrial High Shank Sewing Machines: Specifically designed for high shank machines, making it a perfect fit for your industrial sewing setup.
Product Specifications:

How to Use

Check Compatibility: Ensure your sewing machine is a high shank type.

Attach the Foot: Securely attach the Gathering Foot to your sewing machine.

Adjust Settings: Set your machine for gathering or easing as needed.

Sew with Ease: Feed the fabric through the foot to gather and attach in one smooth step.

Perfect for Various Projects

Clothing: Create beautiful ruffles and gathered edges for skirts, dresses, and more.

Home Decor: Add decorative gathers to curtains, pillowcases, and other home decor items.

Improve your sewing experience with the Shirring Gathering Presser Foot. Get professional-quality gathers and attachments easily, enhancing both your clothing and home decor projects.

Product Specifications

  • Type: High Shank Gathering Presser Foot
  • Compatibility: Industrial High Shank Sewing Machines
  • Package Includes: 1 x Shirring Gathering Presser Foot for Industrial High Shank Sewing Machines