Ruler Grip Double Suction Cup


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Why Ruler Grip Double Suction Cup®?

Struggling to keep your ruler steady while cutting fabrics? Say goodbye to wobbly lines with our Ruler Grip Double Suction Cup. This handy gadget gives you a firm hold on your rulers or templates, making sure your cuts are straight and on point every time.

Steady and Safe Handling

Our Ruler Grip has two strong suction cups that stick well to any clean, smooth ruler or template surface. This keeps your ruler steady, lets you cut more accurately, and keeps your fingers safe from the rotary blade – perfect for quilting, sewing, or any craft project.

Handy Ruler Grip Suction Cup ensuring precise fabric cutting

Fits Most Rulers

This grip is a real friend in the craft room. It works great with rulers or templates that are at least 2.25 inches wide. It snaps on in seconds and is super simple to use, making your crafting time more productive.

Better Cutting Accuracy

Move your ruler easily with the Ruler Grip Double Suction Cup, making every cut just right. Say goodbye to sliding or slipping – just perfect, straight lines every time.

Quilting ruler with Ruler Grip Suction Cup for stable measurements

Extra Stability

Want your ruler to stick even more? Try adding some Non-Slip Adhesive Rings under your ruler. This gives your ruler an extra stick on the fabric, making your cuts safer and more accurate.

Include this Non-Slip Ruler Grid in your crafting toolkit for improved cutting precision. Say goodbye to uneven lines and close shaves with the rotary cutter. Instead, enjoy smooth, straight cuts that give your projects a clean and professional appearance


Product Specifications:

  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: Light Grey, Blue, Black