Non-Slip Ruler Grips


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Why Non-Slip Ruler Grips?

Check out our Non-Slip Ruler Grips, the perfect tool to make your quilting and crafting safer and more precise. These small adhesive rings stick easily to the back of any ruler, helping to stop slips and make your cuts more accurate.

See-Through Design for Clear Sight

These grips are see-through, so they don’t block your view of the project. You can stick them on any ruler and still see all the important lines and numbers, making sure your accuracy stays on point.

Fits All Your Projects

These ruler grips are great for any activity that involves a rotary cutter. You get fifteen 3/4×3/4 inch grips and fifteen 1/4×1/4 inch grips in the pack, so you can use them on different rulers or templates as needed.

Better Control and Accuracy

When you put these non-slip rings on your tools, you’ll notice your ruler can move smoothly over fabric for lining up but sticks in place when you apply a little pressure to cut. This mix of easy movement and steady hold makes crafting safer and more exact.

Custom Grip Level

Need more grip? Just add more rings to your ruler. This way, you can adjust the grips to fit your project and how you like to work, getting the perfect stickiness every time.

Not Just for Quilting

These grips aren’t just for quilting—they’re also handy for other stuff, like keeping picture frames, ceramics, or a sewing machine foot pedal from sliding around. They’re super useful for any crafts that involve working on slick surfaces.

Grab our Non-Slip Ruler Grips and get a handle on your quilting and crafting. No more rulers sliding around or having to stop and adjust your grip as you cut. It’s like having an extra set of hands to keep your tools steady! Get yours and take the hassle out of your craft time.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Transparent
  • Package Includes: 1 Set x Non-Slip Ruler Grips