Chalk Fabric Marker


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Why Chalk Fabric Marker?

Explore our Chalk Fabric Marker, ideal for all your sewing and crafting needs. Welcome neat, sharp lines while leaving behind the mess from traditional tailor’s chalk

Simple Temporary Markings

Our Fabric Marking Pens are great for clothes, quilts, and other textile work. These markers are cleaner and more precise than traditional tailor’s chalk, which makes it easier to mark fabric for alterations or detail additions. They allow for smooth marking without any hassle.

Advanced Dosing Wheel Technology

Get consistent, smooth chalk lines with our latest pen design. It has a metal wheel and a comfy barrel shape, so you can draw straight, curved, or complex lines easily, even on tough fabrics.

Works on Every Fabric

This marker glides smoothly over stretchy knit and jersey fabrics without snagging or leaving behind any mess. So, it keeps your markings clear and accurate each time you use it. Perfect for when you’re working on different projects, this tool helps maintain precision without extra effort.

Chalk Stays Where You Put It

Our Chalk Fabric Marker draws lines that stick and don’t unintentionally smudge or disappear, cutting down on sewing slip-ups. Once you’re done, just wipe the chalk away with your hand or a wet cloth. This keeps your fabric clean and free of marks. Thus, the marker supports a neat and error-free sewing journey from beginning to end.

Handy for All Sewing Jobs

Ideal for making clothes, quilting, and other crafts, this marker lets you draw accurate marks on fabric for fixing or reshaping pieces. It’s a basic tool for your sewing kit, ensuring all your cuts and stitches are based on clean, visible lines.

Upgrade your sewing projects with our Chalk Fabric Marker. It’s a simple, precise tool that makes marking fabrics easy, whether you’re a pro or just enjoy crafting.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Red, Yellow, White
  • Writing Instrument Form: Chalk
  • Package Includes: 1 x Sew Chalk Fabric Marker