Satinedge Feet Quarter Inch Seams


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Why Satinedge Feet Quarter Inch Seams®?

Are you finding it challenging to make ‘Stitching in a Ditch‘ both fast and easy? The Satinedge presser foot is your solution for effortless quilting on your sewing machine.

This smart tool adjusts automatically, removing the need to pause and tie a knot whenever your fabric changes direction or your seams switch sides

Master Over 27 Techniques

Unlock the potential to master more than 27 sewing techniques with just one tool. From finishing fabric edges with a beautiful satin stitch to sewing perfect appliqués, the Satinedge feet are your gateway to advanced sewing capabilities.

Close-up of a Satinedge presser foot attached to a sewing machine, demonstrating its precise alignment for stitching in the ditch

Stitching in a Ditch Made Easy

Experience fast and effortless ‘Stitching in a Ditch,’ ensuring your projects come out flawless every time. This guarantees unparalleled precision, making your sewing projects stand out.

Perfect 1/4 Inch Seams

Learn how to sew perfect 1/4-inch seams more accurately than with any other sewing machine presser foot. Whether you’re working on small seams like 1/8″, 1/4″, or Scant 1/4″, the Satinedge feet make it possible with unmatched accuracy.

Applique Made Easy

Learning appliqué with a satin stitch can be tricky, often requiring you to watch the needle’s every move. The Satinedge foot changes that, eliminating the need to monitor the needle and ensuring even stitches every time

Satinedge presser foot seamlessly gliding over fabric, showcasing its ability for easy stitching in the ditch

No More Fabric Damage

With the Satinedge feet, there’s no risk of cutting into your fabric.

Efficiency in Every Thread

Say goodbye to wasteful sewing habits! You only need 1 spool of thread to achieve perfect results

Fit All Zig-Zag Sewing Machines

Whether you’re a quilting beginner or a seasoned quilter, the Satinedge Sewing Machine Presser Feet adapts to all sewing machines with a zigzag stitch. The foot snaps onto all machines that use generic snap-on feet

Detailed view of the Satinedge presser foot in action, highlighting its adjustable guide for perfect seam allowances

Product Specifications

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Package Includes: 1 x Satinedge Sewing Machine Presser Feet